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Get the best iPad app for sheet reading practice! Piano Tutor for iPad makes sheet reading practice fun and simple. You can use the on-screen keyboard with realistic piano sounds, or you can connect a midi keyboard using the iPad camera connection kit. See the video below for a demo!
Piano Tutor

★★★ Piano Tutor is recommended by professional pianist Michael Stahl! ★★★

Play basketball around the world against angry fans! These fans won't just sit and watch on the sideline. They want in on the action too! Watch out when these fans try to block your shots by throwing anything they have at you. Hamburgers, french fries, sushi, anything goes!
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Get the Top Free Piano app on iPad! Duet Piano for iPad features almost 60 piano keys spanning 5 full octaves to allow you to play REAL music! The keyboard is split into two halves, so you can use one hand on each keyboard, or flip one upside down and play together with a friend.
Duet Piano